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About European Campus


European Campus SLLC is an international education consultancy group offering its expertise and services to students as well as institutions.

Students benefit from European Campus' expertise and services offerings, such as Enrolment assistance into an accredited program or a university of choice in a selected country, student visa assistance, Support with scholarship applications, English language preparation courses as well as, orientation, travel and accommodation assistance in the host country.  European Campus sets you on the right path!

Educational institutions will benefit from European Campus' expertise and services in the areas of Student recruitment, Marketing services online as well as educational trade shows representation, Designing, developing and hosting online courses / programs and Assistance with Accreditation processes.
With European Campus' extensive global online presence and expertise of specific geographical locations, marketing needs of any target group, program or institution can be addressed.

Portals blogs and websites like,,, and are yours to take advantage of.

EuropeanCampus SLLC
17 Stambolinski Road
Mezdra, 3141 Bulgaria

European Campus Website
For educational programs and institutions in the Arabian region visit ...

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With its extensive range of services offers unique advantages for students searching for programs as well as the Institutions trying to promote its programs within the region and abroad. is a comprehensive online academic portal with listing of programs and academic institutions in Arabian region.

In addition to, & we also have incorporated other domain names such as:


These domain names facilitate our online users and advertisers to a direct access for any of our country home pages. is a truly unique platform for academic institutions to promote themselves and their programs, with over 1,000,000 hits/month translating to over 80,000 viewed pages/month and over 40,000 unique visitors per month as well as continuous listing on the first pages by the search engines like and when searching for educational related information within the region, offers unmatched by others promotional advantages.

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